Downtown Turlock, WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE!!


 JUNE 30TH - 
Dinner at Dusk a Downtown Turlock Dining Experience


 July 4th - 
"Stars and Stripes" Turlock Fourth of July Parade and Car Show - Click here for more info


September 15th - Back to School Style Syllabus, a Downtown Turlock Fashion Expo - Click here for more info




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Downtown Turlock is operated by Turlock Downtown Property Owners association. The association is made up of a volunteer board with one employee as Administrator.

After the complete streetscape renovation in Downtown Turlock, the 55+/- property owners formed the Property and Business Improvement District #2 (PBID) to fund the on-going maintenance of the streetscape. To oversee the maintenance and other activities within the Downtown, the members formed a board of directors to guide and monitor the district’s maintenance, administrative and promotional needs. The Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association (TDPOA) board of directors are comprised of property owners and business owners within the 6-block district. Board members serve two-year terms and may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms.

The PBID was renewed in 2013 for ten (10) years.